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This documentation is intended for internal use by the RE team.

Reliability Engineering on-call escalation

This page is intended to provide information to people on the RE on-call escalations rota.

What is the RE on-call escalation rota?

Each of the teams in Reliability Engineering operate an on-call rota to provide out-of-hours cover for the various services RE supports. This is a mix of primary support for things RE is responsible for, such as the PaaS and Alert Manager, and backup for on-call engineers in other service teams.

To support this we also maintain an on-call escalation rota of RE leadership folks to serve the following purposes:

  • To act as an automatic escalation if an on-call engineer fails to respond to an incident. If this happens the escalation person is responsible for finding someone from the team who can respond to the incident.
  • To provide leadership-level backup for RE on-call engineers if an incident requires leadership decision making or a broader response involving updating comms or activating other engineers.

The on-call escalation is not expected to actually fix issues or provide technical expertise. Rather, the escalation is there to provide leadership-level backup, decision making and co-ordination of serious incidents.

Where can I find the RE escalations rota?

The RE escalations rota and the person currently on-call for escalations can be seen via the RE escalations rota in PagerDuty or via the rotas app.

Important contacts

Cyber Security

Cyber Sec On-call Duty person: +44 1857 341 102

Cyber Sec primary on-call: Cyber Security primary on-duty rota in PagerDuty

Cyber Sec secondary on-call: Cyber Security secondary on-duty rota in PagerDuty

Slack channels: #security or #cyber-security-help


GOV.UK incidents are managed using the GOV.UK Incident Process. The Incident Lead and Comms Leads will always be GOV.UK people, except for long running infrastructure incidents where the Incident Lead might switch to a member of the RE GOV.UK team, but comms will always be handled by GOV.UK so the RE escalation person will never need to do this.

Slack: #govuk-2ndline and #govuk-incident

Primary on call: GOV.UK Primary rota in PagerDuty

Secondary on call: GOV.UK Secondary rota in PagerDuty

Programme leadership escalation: GOV.UK Programme Escalations rota in PagerDuty

RE GOV.UK on call: GOV.UK RE out of hours rota in PagerDuty


The PaaS team Incident Process is documented in the PaaS team manual.

The PaaS team use to communicate with their users about incidents. As the escalation person you may be required to act as comms lead during out-of-hours incidents so will need access to the PaaS account. Information on this is documented in the PaaS team manual.

Slack: #paas and #paas-incident

Out of hours on call: PaaS team out of hours rota in PagerDuty

Portfolio programme

The service teams in the Portfolio programme provide their own primary on-call out-of-hours cover, but can activate the RE Portfolio team for out-of-hours Ops support via the RE Portfolio out-of-hours rota in PagerDuty.

GOV.UK Notify

Notify use a 3rd party company called Unboxed to provide out-of-hours cover for the Notify service.

Unboxed: Contact details can be found in PagerDuty

Notify leadership escalations: Notify Managers rota in PagerDuty


Primary on call: Pay: Primary out of hours rota in PagerDuty

Pay leadership escalations: Pay: escalation rota in PagerDuty

GOV.UK Verify

Verify provide their own primary and secondary on-call for their services. However, the RE autom8 team provide ops support out-of-hours through the autom8 schedule in PagerDuty.

Slack: #verify-2ndline and #verify-incidents

Primary on call: GOV.UK Verify Primary out of hours rota in PagerDuty

Programme leadership escalation: Verify SMT contact in PagerDuty

Third party providers

AWS Technical Account Manager (TAM): Chris Pates

Service requests can be raised through the AWS console. Any requests raised as ‘critical’ or ‘urgent’ will cause our Technical Account Manager to be paged.


UKCloud emergency number: 01252 303300

UKCloud emergency email:

UKCloud Technical Account Manager: Brendan O'Connell +44 7825 709 673

Carrenza (6 degrees)

General support and emergencies

Carrenza/6dg Cloud Support portal:

Carrenza/6dg Cloud 24/7 Support landline: +44 20 7858 4032 (UK) or +31 20 888 5041 (NL)

Carrenza/6dg switchboard (if you are unable to reach support on the numbers above): 0800 012 8070 or +44 20 7858 4010 and select option 4

Carrenza/6dg Account Manager
David Jackson
Business Development Manager ‑ Public Sector
Tel: 0207 858 4620
Mob: 07342881898
Carrenza/6dg Client Service Manager
Chris Piper
Public Sector CSM Team Lead
Tel: 02078584964
Mob: 07702875689

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